The Catholic University of America

Courses Offered Spring 2015

NEP 520: Health Physics (3 credits)
Wednesdays 6:10PM -8:40PM
Instructor: Dr. Allen Brodsky

Course Description:
Review of atomic physics and radiation; radioactive decay; interaction of radiation with matter; methods of radiation detection; statistics; chemical and biological effects of radiation; radiation-protection criteria and exposure limits; external and internal dosimetry and radiation protection; selected topics in radiation shielding and nondestructive assay of nuclear materials.

Text: James E. Turner, Atoms, Radiation, and Radiation Protection, 3rd edition, Wiley-VCH (2007)

NEP 615: Regulations, and Responsibilities (3 credits)

Wednesdays 5:10PM - 7:40PM - Location Hannan 231
Instructor: Harold Peterson

Course Description:
The course provides an overview of Federal and State regulations pertaining to Nuclear Environmental Protection, the Federal agencies that issue them, and the statues that empower them. The roles of standards organizations including national and international advisory bodies, consensus bodies such as ISO, and ANSI and voluntary organizations will be explored.

Text: Instructor will recommend reading material in class.