The Catholic University of America

Courses Offered Spring 2014

NEP 602: Radioactive waste management and disposal II: Low-level waste (3 credits)
Mondays 5:10 pm - 7:40 pm – Location: Hannan 231
Instructor: Christine Gelles

Course Description:
This course covers a variety of topics including definitions, laws, and regulations applicable to low-level waste. The sources and quantities of low-level waste, its handling, treatment, packaging, transportation, and disposal will be explained. The course will also address 'greater than class C waste (GTCC LLRW) and a comparison of low-level waste with transuranic waste will be made. Practices in other countries will be addressed.

Text: TBD

NEP 624: Instrumentations and Methods Lab
Wednesdays 3:10 pm - 5:40 pm – Location: Hannan 38
Instructor: Dr. Isabelle Muller

Course Description:
This course introduces students to the application of instruments and methods that are used to characterize the properties of solid, liquid and gaseous radioactive waste materials. Experiments in areas of modern physics (nuclear physics), material science and chemistry are conducted once weekly. They are designed to give students an opportunity to work with samples with low levels of radioactivity and to actively participate in sample preparation and measurements using state-of-the-art research equipment.

A short report is returned each week and graded, complemented by the laboratory notebook and a final project.

Text: The instructor will provide reading material