The Catholic University of America

Courses Offered Fall 2014

NEP 601: Storage, Transport and Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste (3 credits)
Mondays 5:10PM - 7:40PM – Location: Hannan 231
Instructor: Dr. Anthony Kluk

Course Description:
This course covers basic aspects of storing, treating, transporting, and disposing of nuclear waste including high-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel (or used nuclear fuel) produced by the Department of Energy and commercial (i.e., NRC Licensed) facilities. Topics include nuclear waste sources, treatment techniques, storage and packaging requirements, shipping requirements, and repository disposal considerations. A brief history of nuclear waste management and an overview of the strategies of foreign nations for managing nuclear waste will also be given. The course is intended to provide an understanding of the issues associated with managing nuclear waste assuming greater reliance on nuclear power by the industrialized world.

• Radioactive Waste Management, James H. Saling and Audeen Fentiman, 2001
• The Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Nuclear Fuel and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management, DOE/EM-0654, Rev. 2, October 2008
• CRESP Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry and Fuel cycle Separations, Vanderbilt University, December 16-18, 2008
• Applicable National Academy of Sciences reports, Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulations, websites (details will be given in class)

NEP 523: Nuclear Fuel Cycle (3 credits)

Tuesday 5:10PM - 7:40PM -
Instructor: Charles Nalezky

Course Description:
The nuclear fuel cycle covers the progression of steps in the utilization of fissile materials, beginning with uranium (or thorium) ores in the ground to final disposition of the material removed from the reactor. The course will cover three fuel cycle categories; the once through fuel cycle, the reprocessing fuel cycle, and the breeding cycle. The major topics to be covered include mining and milling of uranium ores, isotopic enrichment of uranium, fuel fabrication, nuclear fission, reactor types, recent developments in reactor design, reprocessing of spent fuel, and recycling of uranium and plutonium.

Text: The Nuclear fuel Cycle: Analysis and Management, Second Edition, by Robert G. Cochran and Nicolas Tsoulfanidis, American Nuclear Society, 1999.